Become a pro freight agent in one month and earn $60k per year

The only bootcamp that guarantees your job after program completion.

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The Best Freight Agent Bootcamp on the West Coast

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  • Price
  • Program Fees
  • Program Completion
  • Training Approach
  • Earnings
  • $2,000 +
  • Fees due up front
  • Just a certificate
  • Weeks of Powerpoint presentations & lectures
  • Commission caps and no means to earn money during training
  • freight dojo
  • $0
  • Fees deducted from earnings
  • Job security
  • Hands-on direct training
  • Uncapped commissions & ability of earning during training



  • How much does the program cost?

    The program fee is $599. This fee is deducted in small increments from each commission payout.

    Do I earn money during the training?

    The goal of the program is to have individuals generate commission earnings ASAP. Earnings are tied directly to each participant’s personal drive and commitment.

  • Do you offer online training or training outside of the LA area?

    We currently do not offer online or remote participation in the program. All training occurs in-person at our facility in downtown Burbank.

    How frequently are commissions paid out?

    Commissions are paid out on a bi-weekly basis. They can be paid out via direct bank deposit or check based on the agent’s personal preference.

  • How long is the program?

    The Freight Dojo training program is designed to take 30 days to get an understanding of industry basics.

    How much does an average agent make?

    We have agents whose earnings range from $24K to $150K or more per year. On average our agents earn between $40K and $60K in commissions per year.

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